At first glance

The unpretentious grey villa house, located near the Pilsen bus station, hides an architectural gem. The interior of the Brummel House is a vibrant oasis of colour, where you can easily forget the woes of the outside world. The house and the family interior on the second floor were designed in 1928-29 by Adolf Loos in collaboration with his collaborator Karel Lhota for Jan Brummel, his wife Jana and Hedvika Liebstein, Jana’s mother.

In good company

The Brummel House was included in the prestigious Iconic Houses database in 2017. This Pilsen gem is thus in the company of world-famous houses and iconic buildings around the world.

Book a tour

The tours are organized by the municipal contributory organization Pilsen – TURISMUS under the banner of the Adolf Loos Pilsen project.

You can book a tour of the Brummel House and other works by Adolf Loos in Pilsen on his website under the link below.