Brummel House

The house and its interior was designed in 1928-29 byAdolf Loos, one of the founder of the modern architecture, for Mr. Jan Brummel, his wife Jana and her mother Mrs. Hedvika Liebstein.

The fate of the house and its residents were dramatic. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi-German in 1939, the house passed over to German possession and the family was deported to concentration camps, where Hedvika died in the year 1943. Jan and Jana survived the concentratin camps and their liquidation at the end of the war and returned home in 1945.

During the allied air raid over Pilsen in April 1945 the house was damaged, however it was restored after the war. The house managed the creeping destruction, after the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia assumed undisputed control over the country in 1948 and in the end of the 70´s the house was endangered by a total demolition. Thanks to a great effort of citizens of Pilsen and people from abroad, the house was preserved and in 1991 it was returned to the family.

The family started the reconstruction of the house in 2001 and since April, 2015 the house has been opened to public.

Since 2016 the Brummel house has been classified by the Dutch company the Iconic Houses, the international network of architecturally significant houses from the 20th century, among 150 world's most interesting modern house museums that form a unique category of sites open to the public.

Guided tours

For individual tourists:
April – October: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
November – March: Thursday and Saturday
In selected times the hours are conducted in English or German languages.
For groups:
Time of tour is set upon agreement.
Placing orders to:

Entrance to the house 15 minutes before the tour.
Length of the tour is 45 minutes.
Maximum of 10 people is allowed in a tour.
It is not permitted to take photographs in the interior without permission.
The guided tour is not sutable for people with limited movement ability.


Individuals Czech language English, German
Basic 240 CZK 390 CZK
Childern and Students 6-26, Seniors, Handicapped persons 150 CZK 300 CZK

Groups (max. 10 persons): Czech language English, German
Basic 1800 CZK 3000 CZK
Childern and Students 6-26, Seniors, Handicapped persons 1100 CZK 2200 CZK

We reserve the right to change the pricelist


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Ticket purchasing is also possible:

- at the Tourist Information Centre of the city of Pilsen, náměstí Republiky 41
   Opening hours:
   April–September: Mon-Sun 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
   October–March: Mon-Sun 9 a.m.–6 p.m.
   Phone: +420 378 035 330

- at the Brummel house cash desk, Husova 58 or at the Loos interior cash desk, Bendova 10
   Cash desk is always open 5 minutes before the beginning of the tour.
   You can only pay in cash in the Czech currency at these locations.


Brummel House
Husova 58,
CZ - 301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic



Public transport connection

bus 41, 28 (CAN Husova)
trolley bus 11 (CAN Husova)
trolley bus 12 (CAN Tylova)


Loos interiors in Pilsen

Bendova 10 a Klatovská 12

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